Dear patients and course participants, 

the practice is open with the entire range of practice (therapy, workshops, further training) - by appointment.

Please only come if you feel healthy and wear a face mask during appointment.

We pay strict attention to hygiene and are happy to provide you with hand sanitizer and a face mask for free.

Your health and well-beeing ist our number one priority. 


Our modern private practice offers a lot of alternative and holistic psychotherapeutic methods for adults, teenager and children. Due to our longtime experience we stress individual and personal care of our patients.

Our personal warmness, the longtime knowledge and experience in all of our offered therapeutically inventions are aspects that made us well-known and highly appreciated.
Positive effects for our patients are caused by the harmonic and relaxing vibrations of our rooms – that’s how we offer you flexible and solution-orientated opportunities related to the newest therapy methods.

Key aspects of the therapy:
  • Systematic therapy (family focus)
  • Solution orientated dialogues - communication
  • Relaxation methods, e.g. curative hypnosis, Re-incarnation...
  • Energy healing like e.g. Reiki since 1987, Kundalini and Cranio-Therapy
  • Supervision for alternative practitioners and therapists
  • HSP therapy (for highly sensitive people)
  • Selected, exclusive wellness massages – for body and soul
  • Quantum Energy

You’ll find more informations under “Therapy” (Therapiemöglichkeiten) in the menu on the left.

Please pay attention to the fact that we do NOT have a waiting room.                       To avoid waiting times, please come in time and not too early. In urgent cases we always try to offer you the soonest and best fitting appointment.
As we assume that the fixed dates have the same importance for our patients as for us, the appointments should be only cancelled in urgent cases. If you need to cancel an appointment we ask you kindly to do this at least four working days prior to the fixed date.
We are than able to forward your fixed date to the next waiting patient and there won’t be any cancellation expenses !

In our workshop program you’ll find an offer of very kind and individual arranged courses which are guided by our first-class and high qualified training staff. You’ll find more information within the submenu “Seminare 2021”.

Since years we lay our focus on the training and development of alternative practitioners for psychological therapy.

Our workshop-offer is adapted for EVERY interested person !!

Since 1990 we are putting our entire heart and passion into our workshop concepts. It is our personal aim and very important for us that all of our participants are well occupied – during and of course also after the workshops. The number of participants is always limited – we are only working with small and individual groups.

If you’re looking into the menu under “Alternative Practitioner Workshops”, you’ll find our different study paths for becoming an alternative practitioner for psychological therapy, psychological consultant or animal psychologist. Our advanced training portfolio offers also a lot of interesting therapeutically courses for already practicing alternative practitioners, life consultants, medicals and therapists. You can find them under “Advanced Training” (Weiterbildung).

If you have further questions or wish to receive more information, feel free to contact us - you’re welcome. Phone Number and contact details are mentioned in the menu point “Contact & Imprint” (Kontakt & Impressum).




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